Method for Psychological Analysis

Psychological Model

A 'Ten Factors Model' ©  of human functioning


(1989 f.f.).

C.P. van der Velde.
5.3: Thursday Sep. 7th, 2008 13:03.

Structure of the model

The starting point is a human image in which numerous factors determine individual and social functioning in mutual interaction.

In particular, these are:



Both material and social conditions.


Genetic predisposition.

Congenital key characteristics, reaction patterns, talents, capacities.


Sensory perception and body feeling.


Physical state and processes.


Memory annex learning experiences.

Life experience,   ideas and abstractions,   skills and conditioned reactions.


Conscious and unconscious thinking processes.

Including creative fantasy, dreams, logical intuitions, ratio.


Bewuste subjectieve beleving.

Bubble of Perception.
Producing conscious preferences, goals and priorities.


Conscious self-management.

Available scope of conscious freedom of choice ('free will', determination).
Including the choice to recognize your own freedom of choice.
Which partly determines the scope of conscious responsibility.


Emotional and sexual reaction.


Externally observable behavior.

Including motor skills, self-expression and communication.

The various factors in this model of human functioning offer potential for a wide range of different, specific forms and methods of therapy and/or personal growth.

On the basis of this model, it is possible to determine at any time during a change process which results can be achieved by a person - in the given, unique situation - and by which means.
The emphasis is on goal-directedness, effectiveness, and efficiency - and also elegance, or the prevention of undesirable side-effects and the promotion of favorable outcomes that will also persist in the longer term.

Ten Factor Model
Ten Factor Model of human functioning:
Numerous links between environment and reaction.
(A Simplified arrow diagram).

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