Zombification unzipped

Some Zombie logic topics are here:

Zombie logic I:

Zombies couldn't tell

Zombie encounter groups.

Zombie logic II:

Stating the obvious

Monty Python, Meaning of Life (1983);
'1st Zulu War (1879) .. (Glasgow) .. (Natal)' scene.

"Sir, I'm afraid Perkins got rather badly bitten during the night." ..
"Hmm .. ol' leg gone eh .."
"Hmm, that's eh .. quite some bite you've got there eh ..?"
"Yeh, yes .."
"Hmm .. yes yes yes, well: it's probably a virus I'd say .."
"Well, you see, ..
it's .. not a virus I'm afraid ..

Zombie logic III:

Denying the obvious

Monty Python, Dead Parrot sketch (1970).

tn_ tn_
".. I have a complaint about this parrot".
"Oh .. eh .."
"So .. what's wrong with it?"
"I'll tell you what's wrong with it.
This parrot is dead.
tn_ tn_
"No it's not."
"Look here my dear man.
I can tell when a parrot is dead.
And this parrot is obviously dead
tn_ tn_
"Hello Polly! .. Po-o-o-o- lle-e-e-e-e-e-e-y ..!!!"
"Polly- Polly- Polly- Polly- Po-o-o- lle-e-e-e-e-e-ey!!!"